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dot.LA summit

"I still want to build the digital playground in which every gamer can compete whether they're high school-aged or college-aged or in their 40s in any sort of context of competition."

PlayVS CEO Delane Parnell has ambitions beyond high school and college sports, NFTs aren't a "get rich quick scheme" – and other takeaways from dot.LA's inaugural Intersect summit.

Apple plans to add more than 3,000 jobs in Culver City.

Dapper Labs reveals plans for next NFT marketplace after NBA Top Shot.

The UAW wants to unionize EV startup factory workers.

Uber app in U.S. to enable users to book COVID-19 vaccines and rental cars.

Lyft to sell self-driving unit in $550 million Toyota deal.

Spotify premium subscriber count increases 21%.

Netflix finally rolls out its shuffle play feature.

Snap Inc’s AR Play

Snap Inc. is placing big bets on AR technology. Last year, it announced a $3.5 million fund for augmented reality (AR) creators building their own lenses for the app. dot.LA talked to creators and insiders about the effort.

PlayVS CEO Delane Parnell's Ambitions

PlayVS has raised $107 million since it entered the esports arena for high school teams in 2018. Now 43% of all high schools in the country have an esports team. But CEO Delane Parnell has ambitions that go beyond school sports.

How SportsTech is Remaking the Game

Athletes are moving from the court or the playing field into boardrooms. Increasingly they are shunning traditional endorsements for a stake in startups and other companies. It comes amid rapid-fire changes in sports tech and is altering the landscape for both investors and founders.

​'It's About Reading The Room': How Kevin Hart's LOL Connects with Audiences

Comic Kevin Hart's startup Laugh Out Loud, or LOL, is quickly becoming a force, carving out its own space for comedy across multiple platforms.

NFTs Are 'Not Get Rich Quick Scheme" 

The underpinning of NFTs –the tech world's hottest new trend – is blockchain technology and it's here to stay. But there are environmental consequences.

EVgo Will Help GM Build Out its Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Los Angeles-based EVgo is one of a handful of firms that General Motors has partnered with to patch together a nationwide electric vehicle charging network called Ultium Charge 360. It comes as a wave of new EV models are ready to hit the market and governments push plug-in technology.

TenOneTen Ventures on Why  Founders Need a 10-Year Vision

TenOneTen Ventures co-founder Gil Elbaz talks to L.A. Venture podcast about building Google's AdSense while at Applied Semantics, his experience founding Factual and why founders should commit 10 years to their startup.

Sponsored: How the Pandemic Has Changed Fans' Experience for Good

The COVID-19 pandemic has separated friends, family and colleagues and halted most in-person shared experiences. On the flip side, over the past year gaming, sports and entertainment companies have found new ways to help keep us engaged, connected and entertained. Read more >>

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