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Apps, Tablets and Tech: The Post-Pandemic Classroom
Sarah Favot

"Laptops, cameras, tablets are now just part of our learning environment."

The nation's second largest school district has poured at least $70 million into tech companies since the pandemic began, and teachers are now using apps adopted during the lockdown. Contributor Sarah Favot looks at how the classroom is getting a tech-makeover, post-pandemic.

Agilon Health raises $1B in IPO.

NASA engineers 'nervous' and excited' as Mars helicopter prepares to fly.

Apple Music pays a penny per stream on average.

Dogecoin soars from joke to $48 billion, fueled by crypto craze.

Elon Musk says Starlink internet service should be 'fully mobile' by the end of year.

Amazon delivery drivers may soon assemble furniture and install appliances.

Tesla settles with ex-engineer accused of stealing autopilot source code.

How the Pandemic Changed Education at LA Unified

From Google Classroom and Schoology to quiz app Kahoot!, new apps and gadgets are replacing and supplementing old teaching methods. It's been a boom for edtech and reshaped the post-pandemic classroom. Read more>>

Tiki Bev Aims To Be the Health-Conscious Water Enhancer

Stephanie Wilson's startup for a liquid enhancer came from her experience in health care, where workers are worn down after long days and nights, especially during the global pandemic. Read more>>

SpaceX Wins Bid to Put Astronauts on the Moon

Elon Musk's SpaceX will build a spacecraft to bring astronauts to the moon in a $2.9 billion deal with NASA that firmly establishes the startup as the nation's top space ally and solidifies the privatization of lunar travel. Read more>>

Another Cannabis Company Rises in LA

NBA players, talent agents and Snoop Dogg's venture firm are among the investors behind LEUNE, a California cannabis brand eying new U.S. markets. The company closed a $5 million round this week. Read more>>

Raising Early Capital Outside the Bay Area

Mucker partner and founder of AdMob, Omar Hamoui, talks with L.A. Venture podcast about having one of the first apps in the app store, early negotiations with Steve Jobs and raising capital outside of the Bay. Read more and listen here>>

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