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JPL Prepares to Fly on Mars

"If we are successful, it will prove that aerial flight on Mars is within our grasp."

NASA's Pasadena-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory is readying its solar-powered helicopter to take flight on Mars. It just survived its first night on the planet and liftoff is slated soon, reports contributor Samson Amore.

Disneyland and California Adventure Park tickets go on sale next week.

E3 2021 will take place as a free virtual conference. An in-person L.A. event is targeted for next year.

Leaf, owner of Well + Good and, is acquired for $323M.

A California bill proposes a state-run, zero-fee consumer bank to tackle access and racial equity.

The revolution in satellite technology means there are swarms of small spacecrafts in orbit.

DoorDash drivers game the startup's algorithm to increase pay.

Clubhouse discusses funding at about $4B value.

YouTube says it's getting better at taking down videos that break its rules.

Facebook, Apple and Niantic bet people are ready for augmented-reality glasses.

A flying-taxi SPAC is accused of stealing aircraft technology.

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Will Take a Historic First Flight

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter survived its first night on Mars despite temperatures that can reach minus 90 degrees, a sign the craft is well-insulated, clearing a major hurdle for the mission. Read more>>

Research Universities Have Done Little To Make New Drugs Accessible

Despite gobbling up taxpayer dollars, UCLA and other top U.S. research universities are not doing enough to make drugs and medical devices accessible to people in low-income countries, a new report says. Read more>>

Sallie Krawcheck Wants Women To Feel Empowered To Invest

Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck talks with the Behind Her Empire podcast about Wall Street directors turning her down because she was a mother, and how she dealt with two public firings and found inspiration to start her own company. Read more>>

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