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LA Ketamine Clinics and the Next Wave of Depression Treatment

"After the first treatment, I felt like that gaping wound was starting to heal up. It was like closing up and it wasn't sore anymore."

Once a club drug, Ketamine is increasingly used as an off-label treatment for depression and PTSD. A clutch of clinics have sprung up in Los Angeles, but with treatment not covered by insurance and few ways to profit from its development, companies are studying its effects and looking to the next big psychedelic drug. Reporter Keerthi Vendantam has the story.

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Field Trip Opens in Santa Monica

The growing body of evidence that ketamine — once known as club drug "special k" — can be used to treat mental health disorders has sprouted clinics in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Ecommerce Expected To Hit $1 Trillion by 2022

The pandemic economy helped boost online shopping by an extra $183 billion since March 2020. That's a 20% growth over last year, roughly the size of the 2020 holiday shopping season when buyers spent $188.2 billion online. Read more>>

Relativity Space Scores Department of Defense Contract

Relativity Space's contract to launch a payload into orbit in 2023 could help set up the Long Beach-based startup long-term with the department. Read more>>

Save the Date for dot.LA's 2021 'Intersect' Entertainment Tech Summit

The line between tech and entertainment companies has never been thinner. Top Hollywood players are becoming software behemoths, major tech firms are tripling down on their content investments and a number of startups are finding new ways to blend the two worlds. From the very heart of this convergence between tech, media and entertainment in Los Angeles, we're launching "Intersect," a first-of-its-kind summit, held live virtually on Wednesday, April 28.

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