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The President Snaps Back

"We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover."

Snapchat announced it will no longer feature President Trump's videos on its video platform. The president wasted no time accusing the platform of trying to rig the election. As entertainment reporter Sam Blake has reported, Snapchat has not been all too kind to Biden either.

Disney says it will donate $5M to social justice groups.

L.A.'s city council has voted to cap how much food delivery apps can charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us tomorrow for a town hall discussion on how we can build a tech and startup community that's more inclusive. Representatives from nonprofit Grid110, professional network Valence, and Mayor Garcetti's Office of Economic Development will join ur own Tami Abdollah for the discussion.

Snap stops promoting Trump; The president responds

Snap has decided to stop featuring President Donald Trump's account on its curated Discover platform. The Trump campaign swiftly accused the platform of voter suppression and bias. Read more >>

L.A. caps food delivery apps' service charges 

Restaurants have long complained that charges as high as 30% are eating away at their business, and those worries have grown during the pandemic. Read more >>

a16z announces diversity fund

One of Silicon Valley's most prominent venture capital firms is launching a fund designed for entrepreneurs who have the talent, drive and ideas to build great businesses, but lack access and resources. Read more updates >>

Does venture capital perpetuate injustice?

"Venture prides itself on being progressive. We disrupt industries. We work fast and break things. We fund dreams and create jobs. Yet, venture is one of the most homogeneous and exclusive clubs there is." Blck VC is calling for more introspection in the industry. Read more >>

A facial recognition extension to ID celebrities

RealNetworks is releasing a browser extension that automatically identifies celebrities and other public figures in YouTube and Netflix videos. Read more >>

A discussion on technology, justice and inclusion

Join us this Thursday for a virtual town hall event with dot.LA + PledgeLA: "Lessons of the Moment – Rebuilding, Equity and the Future of LA Tech." How do we use the energy of the moment to actively build a community that serves everyone? Read more and register here >>

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