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Better Movie-Making Through Neuroscience?

"You want to test content and see what the brain's responding to? Right now, we're the only game in town."

A new L.A. startup says its technology can help predict box office hits. It uses sensors to detect the moments that stories break through with audiences. Entertainment reporter Sam Blake takes a look at their model.

Video game company rct studio says one in three people recently surveyed have been searching out new virtual experiences during the pandemic. Co-founder Xinjie Ma writes about how that could reshape the L.A.'s gaming industry.

Thanks for everyone who joined us at today's Startup Pitch Showcase. Next Thursday, our "dot.LA Convenes" series will look at ageism in the tech industry. Join us!

New Audience Analysis Is More Interested in How You Feel Than What You Say

Immersion says its technology can understand which moments in a piece of content are emotionally resonant by measuring audience's oxytocin levels. Read more >>

Watch: Three Health Startups Pitch Investors in Our Biweekly Showcase

Three emerging Southern California healthcare startups —Diadem Biotherapeutics, Tot Squad and GIBLIB — presented a high-level overview on their products and services in our Virtual Pitch Showcase. Watch their pitches here >>

Column: L.A.'s Video Game Industry Is A Safe Haven

At one time, businesses such as bars and movies were considered immune from economic downturns. Now, it's video gaming. Xinjie Ma, co-founder of gaming startup @rctstudios, discusses what this could mean for the future of the industry in L.A. Read more >>

Streaming Sees a Dip As States Reopen

New data from Verizon suggest that some pandemic behaviors are beginning to shift as parts of the country begin to reopen. Streaming, gaming and use of collaborative tools all saw drops in use. Read more >>

Bezos In The Hot Seat

Nine Senate Democrats want Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to explain the rationale for firing four employees who spoke out about the company's workplace safety policies. Read more >>

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Join us Thursday, May 14 at 11:00 a.m. PST for the next session of dot.LA Convenes, a speaker series devoted to empowering women in tech, held in conjunction with PledgeLA. With so many challenges at different stages of life, we seek to foster an honest dialogue around these obstacles and discuss specific strategies to combat them. We'll announce panelists soon. Register here. Space is limited >>

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