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192 Investors Still Writing Checks During the Covid-19 Crisis

There are still opportunities among the doom and gloom, and we've got 192 of them listed below in the form of venture capitalists looking for companies to invest in. Rachel Uranga reports on how biotech company Curative is doing in its race to produce 10K COVID-19 test kits a day. If you are — or know of anyone who is — a software engineer with a background in science, they could use your help. DM them here.

Our next webinar will be the impact of coronavirus on the entertainment industry. Join us! And read Sam Blake's piece on what's coming for Netflix's $100M emergency fund. We've also announced our first virtual pitch showcase! Read more about that below.

A List of Investors Still Writing Checks

Venture capital is not like the public markets. One can't turn on CNBC and get an instant gauge of private deal flow, so it's hard to gauge how VC activity has been impacted by the current crisis. But one thing many founders want to know is who's still writing checks. Investor Laurent Grill has the answers and he's let us publish them. Read and sort Grill's list here >>

Curative's Race Against the COVID-19 Surge

The founder of Curative Inc. is in a race to make more than 10,000 coronavirus test kits a day, but he can't find the labor or parts fast enough. The lab set up a few weeks ago is providing the region with one of the fastest turnarounds on test results with their saliva-based test kits. "They are desperately trying to hire." Read more >>

Who's Eligible for Netflix's Emergency Fund?

"It's an amazing amount of money, but it's a staggering amount of people."

Netflix has put up a $100 million emergency fund to soften the blow that the coronavirus has dealt to workers and companies that rely on it. Read more about the fund and how it will be distributed >>

"At Least Two Months" of Quarantine

In today's coronavirus updates:

* Mayor Garcetti says many Angelenos may have to stay at home for at least two months
* U.S. unemployment figures soar to 3.3. million, California tops 1 million claims
* NBCUniversal chief Jeff Shell tells his staff he has coronavirus

Our Next Strategy Session: Hollywood Goes Home

As film and TV production halt and the appetite for entertainment skyrockets, user-generated content on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are poised for a golden age. Join us Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. for "dot.LA Strategy Session: Hollywood Goes Home" — an executive-level briefing on the seismic changes happening in the entertainment economy. Register here soon - space is limited >>

Sign Up For Our Virtual Pitch Showcase 

We are so excited to host our first virtual pitch showcase in two weeks on Thursday, April 9th, More details to follow. Submissions are open for company nominations to present at the live event. We are looking for Southern California startups in any industry — but, particularly companies that can have a positive impact on the current COVID-19 pandemic. Submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis. You will be notified by dot.LA if you are selected to participate. Thank you! Company Nominations Form >>

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