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Equity Crowdfunding Is Booming. Why?

"Our marketing is very blunt that you might lose all your money and most startups will fail. We don't even talk about our investment returns."

The middle of a major recession is not typically when investors choose to take a risk. So why is equity crowdfunding booming? Senior finance reporter Ben Bergman searches for an answer.

Riot Games is committing $10M to help boost diversity in the video gaming industry.

If you haven't had a chance yet to watch this fantastic conversation on how L.A. startups and tech companies can build a more inclusive community, it really is worth your time. We're going to be following it up with more practical discussions soon, so please check back. If there are any issues you or your team could use guidance on, let us know!

Equity Crowdfunding is Surging 

For reasons no one can quite explain, equity crowdfunding is having a moment during the coronavirus pandemic. Could it be due to a mix of patriotism and altruism? Read more >>

Catch Up With This Week's Startup News 

Lots happened in the L.A. tech and startup community this week. Chief Host and Correspondent Kelly O'Grady runs down the key stories:

* George Floyd Protests: L.A. Companies Across Industries Show Support, Snap Stops Promoting President Trump

* Media: Hollywood Proposes Reopening Guidelines, TikTok Addresses App Glitch

* dot.LA & PledgeLA -- A Special Town Hall on Building Equality in L.A. Tech

Trump Campaign Pulls SpaceX Ad

President Trump's re-election campaign drew a protest from the wife of one of the astronauts yesterday. By today, the campaign had deleted its version of the ad. Read more >>

TV and Film Production Get Green-Lit For June 12

At the beginning of the week we reported a Hollywood task force had delivered recommendations on when and how the industry should reopen. Today, Governor Newsom followed through. Read more >>

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