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Meet the LA Companies Developing COVID-19 Vaccines

"There is no doubt in my mind that this is safe for me."

City of Hope kicked of their phase one clinical trials on Friday as the race to develop more COVID vaccine intensifies. Reporter Francesca Billington talks to the trial's first participant and gives a run down of companies developing vaccinations.

Tech IPO bonanza is a windfall for venture-capital firms.

California asks to join DOJ's antitrust case against Google.

AMC warns it'll run out of cash in January.

Oracle will leave Silicon Valley and head to Texas.

Twitter acquires video chat app Squad.

Virgin Galactic aims for a crewed launch on Saturday.

"Dune"' director Denis Villeneuve slams plan to release film on HBO Max.

"The Office" star Kevin Malone made $1M on Cameo in 2020.

An 18-year-old TikTok/Triller influencer moves into venture capital.

Here's the LA Companies Developing COVID Vaccines 

There are an estimated 237 vaccines under development. Only 38 are in clinical trials including at least two taking place in Southern California. Read more>>

City of Hope's COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Begins 

Meet Lupe Duarte, the 48-year-old City of Hope project manager who became the first patient to get their dose of the vaccine. Read more >>

The Latest on the TikTok Ban

Is the short-form video app still facing a potential ban -- and what you really need to know about it. Host Kelly O'Grady runs through the key points in the saga and looks at what may lie ahead for TikTok. Read and watch here>>

Strategy Session: 2020 Year in Review 

Join us Wednesday, December 16th at 11:00 a.m. PT for the closing dot.LA Strategy Session of the year as we reflect on L.A.'s emerging tech trends, challenges and predictions for 2021. Two-time NBA All-Star, investor and entrepreneur Baron Davis, Valence co-founder & COO Emily Slade and Upfront Managing Partner Mark Suster, join dot.LA Senior Finance Reporter Ben Bergman and Chief Host and head of video Kelly O'Grady.

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