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A TikTok Mansion for Startup Founders

"We just want to be with really smart, talented young people who are building amazing things."

Launch House attempts to recreate the basements and dorm rooms where Google, Amazon and Apple began. Only, their live-in accelerator is in a palatial setting surrounded by influencers. Reporter Francesca Billington takes us inside this Hollywood Hills home of strivers.

Netflix is testing a crackdown on password sharing.

Uber and Lyft will share information about drivers deactivated for serious offenses.

Facebook will run more ads on shorter videos to Chase TikTok.

Toyota chief's warning to Apple: the car business isn't easy.

$69 million for digital art? The NFT craze, explained.

Critics take aim at SpaceX's Starlink, Amazon's Project Kuiper and other satellite constellations.

Tesla faces a new reality of tough competition.

Apple sues 11-year veteran MacBook designer for allegedly stealing trade secrets for a journalist.

Instacart adds Snowflake CEO to its board.

Electric vehicle maker Polestar adds a Spotify feature to its dashboard.

GM partners with startup SolidEnergy Systems to pack more energy in its batteries.

Young Entrepreneurs Living in a Mansion, Dorm Style, Are Attracting Investors

The idea came from former Airbnb and Uber product manager Michael Houck, Google alum Brett Goldstein and Commsor co-founder Jacob Peters. The trio sees traditional startup incubators as a relic of the past. Read more>>

Canoo Has a New Electric Truck, Replete with Flip-Out Picnic Tables

With streamlined styling, innovative packaging and a slew of novel features. The Torrance-based carmaker released a first look at its compact electric pick-up set for production in 2023. Read more>>

Billy Blanks, Michael Vick and a Miss Universe Are Giving Life Advice, For a Fee

Cameo made a market out of celebrity shout-outs and birthday wishes. Mentorcam, a Marina del Rey-based startup, is behind a new service that sells personalized advice videos from experts and stars. Read more>>

A Liquid 'Shield' Used on Ebola Now Has FDA Clearance for COVID

Called the DNA/RNA Shield, the liquid is manufactured by the Irvine-based diagnostics company Zymo. It could potentially make it safer for thousands of frontline workers who handle samples. Read more>>

Keith Richman Of Boosted Commerce on Acquiring Ecommerce Companies

Boosted Commerce co-founder Keith Richman talks with Office Hours about what Boosted looks for when it buys top-rated Amazon companies and what it offers companies in return. Read more and listen here>>

Save the Date for dot.LA's 2021 'Intersect' Entertainment Tech Summit

The line between tech and entertainment companies has never been thinner; the top Hollywood players are becoming software behemoths, the major tech firms are tripling down on their content investments and a number of startups are finding new ways to blend the two worlds. From the very heart of this convergence between tech, media and entertainment in Los Angeles, we're pleased to announce "Intersect," a first-of-its-kind summit convening this new super-sector, held live virtually on Wednesday, April 28.

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