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What's a Creator Worth to Social Media Giants?

"There's always an exploit."

The prospect of internet fame is no longer enough to bring in the best and brightest creators. Instead, paying for content has become table stakes for social platforms as they battle one another and compete in the broader attention economy.

The Amazon-MGM will be reviewed by FTC, now led by tech critic Khan.

Tinder update to allow users to chat briefly with someone before they match.

TikTok owner ByteDance finds video game success through influencers.

LA Tech Week provided a vivid picture of the city opening back up.

Satellite images show just how bad California's drought is.

Teamsters union steps up efforts to organize Amazon workers.

An autonomous ship's first effort to cross the Atlantic shows the difficulty of the experiment.

What's a Creator Worth for TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube and Facebook?

Within the last two years, at least 10 platforms have announced they'll be paying creators for their work, but the size of the purse, what type of content they're funding and how they pay differs by platform.

Mapped's Bid to Simplify the Built World

Former Cisco executive Shaun Cooley's two-year-old Los Angeles startup is creating a platform to make buildings smarter. Mapped, which just raised $6.5 million, helps commercial real estate companies operate their buildings remotely.

Miroma Ventures' Will Schmitt Wants You To Prioritize Marketing

The head of venture strategy at Miroma Ventures talks with the L.A. Venture podcast about what he looks for as an investor, his growth-led approach to helping startups and how he views the future of marketing.

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