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Here Are Los Angeles' Top VCs

Silicon Valley may be the epicenter of venture capital, but Los Angeles has plenty of VCs who've made their mark investing in successful startups early and reaping colossal returns for their limited partners.

dot.LA asked dozens of investors who they think are Los Angeles' top venture capitalists. Here's what they said.

Snap acquires location data startup StreetCred.

Parler goes dark, sues Amazon to demand reinstatement.

Amazon's removal of Parler shows cloud unit's rarely used power.

Facebook bans all mentions of 'stop the steal' ahead of inauguration.

The facial-recognition app Clearview sees a spike in use after Capitol attack.

Amazon employees want right-wing militia merchandise taken down.

Stripe stops processing payments Trump's campaign website.

AT&T, Comcast suspend donations to lawmakers who sought to overturn 2020 election.

Here Are LA's Top VCs, According to Their Peers

Los Angeles is home to plenty of venture capitalists who have reaped colossal returns for their limited partners by investing early in startups. We asked top investors who are the region's top VCs to watch. Read more>>

FDA Warns About False Negatives in Curative's COVID Results

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning the COVID-19 test that Los Angeles officials have offered to tens of thousands of residents can produce "the risk of false results, particularly false negative results." Read more>>

Dodger Stadium to Be New Vaccine Site 

Dodger Stadium will become a vaccination site by the end of the week, as Los Angeles officials close the nation's largest testing operation Monday. City and county officials hope as many as 12,000 people will be vaccinated daily. Read more>>

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