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The Rise and Fall of a $164M Cannabis Startup

"Not one person at the top knew what they were doing."

L.A.'s Genius Fund was the vision of college friends backed an oligarch who invested $164 million into the project. Less than two years later, the money was gone and the oligarch was dead. Senior reporter Tami Abdollah kicks off our multi-part investigative series looking at the company.

Rocket Lab ups its payload capacity.

Microsoft backs an Irvine company producing a microchip smaller than a flea.

The pandemic has boosted online dating.

Just what is Elon Musk's Boring Company up to in Adelanto?

Microsoft faces a slew of challenges in buying TikTok, including the Chinese government.

Two Friends. One Massive Investor. Zero Profit.

In his whistleblower retaliation lawsuit, the former CEO calls it a "sordid tale of corporate mismanagement, subterfuge, and fraud involving an amalgam of shell companies." We call it a cautionary tale for the cannabis industry. Read more >>

Watch: Our Discussion with Rams and Angel City Execs on Sports' Future

What will the NFL look like in Los Angeles this season? NFL Rams COO Kevin Demoff runs down four scenarios for what watching football might be like. Angel City President Julie Uhrman teased the women's soccer team's first season in 2022. Watch and read our summary here >>

Disney Earnings Include Big Mulan News

Disney Plus now has over 60 million subscribers, and Mulan will debut on the service, rather than on the big screen. Read more >>

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