"VC is like a pimple on the butt of the whole world of investing. It's such a tiny, tiny, tiny thing that we do here that we think is so self-important."

In a conversation with LA Venture podcast, Upfront Ventures Managing Partner Mark Suster offers advice on when to talk to founders and other thoughts from the frontlines.

SpaceX's next crewed mission launches on Saturday.

Ring doorbells are recalled over fire threat.

TikTok-owner ByteDance reportedly expects to pull in $27 billion in ad revenue this year.

Immortals Gaming Club explores a possible sale of Overwatch League team.

Snap acquires Voca.ai, maker of AI-based voice agents.

As Facebook, Twitter fact-checkers cracks down, conservatives switch to Parler.

Facebook extends its political ad ban.

Upfront Ventures' Mark Suster on the Primary Job of VCs

Venture capitalists get into the business because it excites them to help an entrepreneur but that work is secondary to their primary job, which is to return capital. LA Venture podcast talks to Suster about the job, inclusion and more. Read more and listen >>

TikTok Asks Judge to Extend the Deadline for Its Sale

The Trump administration's deadline for ByteDance to close a deal in the U.S. is around the corner and TikTok says it hasn't gotten an update in weeks. Read more>>

Brat TV's Pitch to Gen Z (and Its Influencers)

Brat TV, co-founded by Rob Fishman and Darren Lachtman, is a digital video network with 4.8 million subscribers focused on Gen Z. Its scripted programming stars many of the latest TikTok and social media stars. Read and watch more >>

"It's more expensive and takes a lot more time now to produce."

There were no outbreaks on set in L.A. last month, despite an uptick in film permits and applications. It's a sign that the thorough testing protocols set in place are helping the industry create a safer workplace. Reporter Francesca Billington on what film production's recovery might look like.

Warner Music Group exec Stu Bergen announces his exit.

WarnerMedia announces layoffs of 5% to 7%.

Country rapper Lil Nas X will host a concert inside popular online game Roblox.

Disneyland announces more furloughs and blames California's coronavirus rules.

Bird saw a spike in use during free Election Day "Roll To the Polls" campaign.

Spotify buys podcast ad and hosting network Megaphone for $235 million.

Nielsen aims to bring targeted ads to TV next year.

Biden's transition team includes some notable tech execs.

Get to know Apple's new M1 chip.

Hollywood Production Is Up. So Is 'COVID Exhaustion'

Film and television production in Los Angeles picked up last month, but the threat of a second wave of coronavirus has studios worried that the filming uptick — still far below pre-COVID levels — may not last. Read more >>

A Santa Monica Accelerator for the 'Startup Nation' 

Israel has the largest number of startups per capita. This Santa Monica accelerator is connecting Israeli entrepreneurs to U.S. venture capitalists — now, virtually. Read more >>

Irvine School Lunch Startup Titan Sees a $75M Exit

Titan School Solutions, an Irvine, Calif.-based company that provides cloud-based software to manage school nutrition at more than 700 districts nationwide, has been acquired by LINQ for $75 million. Read more >>

BBG Ventures' Nisha Dua On Changing Careers

Nisha Dua, co-founder and general partner of BBG Ventures, shares tips on how to make big career leaps and why she decided to leave law. Hear her story >>

"We planned for this to be a Willy Wonka factory where people come in and make mad stuff."

Part record label, part music laboratory, part incubator, part arts collective. That's The Rattle — a collective looking for experimental creators to join its Silver Lake-based cohort. Entertainment reporter Sam Blake on what they're seeking.

Virgin Hyperloop runs its first test with human passengers.

Cannabis stocks are booming after the Biden win.

Moon exploration startup ispace hires SpaceX alum to develop its lander.

Conservative social network Parler shoots to the top of app store rankings after election.

TikTok users troll Trump administration's voter fraud hotline.

Relativity Space's 3-D printed rocket engine hits a testing milestone.

Beyond Meat partners with McDonald's on their new McPlant patties.

Wondery CEO vows to fight federal corruption charges.

Manhattan Beach's mayor gets a first look at Fisker's new headquarters and electric SUV.

Vaccine news hits Zoom, Peloton, Etsy stock hard.

Silver Lake's 'Willy Wonka Factory' For Music Tech 

The group aims to encourage unique artistic and startup collaborations among its members, provide resources to see them through and eventually invest in a subset of the resulting companies. Read more >>

Pasadena Biopharma Gets a Boost to Tackle Diabetes

"This insulin will be completely transformative for people with diabetes." Protomer Technologies closed a second round of funding to develop insulin that adjusts according to a diabetes patient's blood sugar levels. Read more >>

Legion M, the First Fan-Owned Entertainment Company

Legion M partners with top Hollywood creators to produce movies, TV and digital content and allows fans to invest in its productions for as little as a $100, leveraging new equity crowdfunding laws. Read more >>

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