A New Survey Looks at Which Tech Workers Send Funds Back Home

A New Survey Looks at Which Tech Workers Send Funds Back Home

Asian, Black and LatinX tech professionals are more likely to send money to their families than their white counterparts, according to a study by TeamBlind, an anonymous social network of verified employees. The company looked at tech workers' financial obligations and how they spent.

The survey received 2,586 responses from June 25 through June 30 and asked three key questions: 1) Do you send money to your family; 2) As a percentage, how much of your annual salary do you send to your family?; 3) If you send money to your family, do you still have enough money for yourself?

Here are the findings:

  • 46% of surveyed professionals send money to their families, with 28% of white professionals doing so compared to 70% of Asian professionals, 75% of Black professionals and 62% of LatinX professionals.
  • 46% of professionals send up to 5% of their annual salary to their families.
  • 14% of American Indian or Alaska Native send back all their disposable income back to their families.


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