Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was back in attendance at the Academy Awards on Sunday night and even though there was no official host, comedians Steve Martin and Chris Rock took notice in a monologue that opened the show.

"Jeff Bezos is here!" Rock said. "Great actor," Martin replied as the camera caught Bezos.

"He's got cash. When he writes a check the bank bounces," Rock said before three more jokes came the way of the billionaire Bezos.

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Ireland's Data Protection Commission said Tuesday that it's launching an inquiry into dating app, Tinder for potential violations of the European Union's law on data protection and privacy, which governs the use of user data. The West Hollywood-based company is the latest to face such a probe.

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On a late afternoon, after a long, drawn-out game of phone tag, Michael Lynton put off his family dinner for just a while longer to talk. The former CEO of Sony Pictures has been notoriously press shy since hackers calling themselves "Guardians of Peace" leaked a trove of confidential -- and sometimes embarrassing -- data plucked from the studio's servers.

And, since taking over in 2016 as chairman of Santa Monica-based Snap Inc., he's chosen to stay mostly out of the media's glare. In his first wide-ranging interview in years, Lynton did not hold back: "I will be a little controversial here."

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