Jukin Media Aims to License Videos to Influencers, Smaller Publishers With New Portal

Jukin Media Aims to License Videos to Influencers, Smaller Publishers With New Portal

A major Los Angeles user-generated entertainment company announced Tuesday a new self-serve e-commerce portal of more than 65,000 videos that creators and publishers can license.

Jukin Media has long worked with enterprises like major advertisers and TV networks, as well as news organizations like The Associated Press, Tribune Media, and Reuters, among others. But Jukin's new self-service platform is an effort to grow its business with the influencers and smaller-time digital publishers that have grown audiences on TikTok, Vine and Snap.

"This is our first foray into that," said Brendon Mulvihill, who heads up licensing at Jukin Media. He noted that this can help "scale the business to make this content accessible to more people at a reasonable price point."

As part of this effort, the company also announced Tuesday partnerships with two creator networks to give them discounted access to Jukin's viral content: Canadian company, BroadbandTV, and L.A.-based Fullscreen. Both companies have thousands of creators or influencers around the world, according to Mulvihill.

Jukin counts some 200 million fans on its various channels, and has paid out $25 million to video owners — through revenue shares or up-front payments — over the last five years. It has also seen success and growth even as movie studios have halted filming due to the pandemic because of its focus on user-generated content.

The self-service beta was unveiled late last year with great success, Mulvihill said. Jukin licensed more than 3,000 videos to more than 1,200 customers in more than 100 countries with early users that have included social-first and digital publishers, influencers, small businesses, brands and creative agencies, plus nonprofits.

"We are a small but mighty production team. Having efficient access to a large, navigable library of video clips makes a world of difference when curating and producing our content," said Jacqueline Munro Tapp, Motherly's creative director of video, in a statement.

"We have seen significant engagement returns on the relatable, hilarious and often very emotional UGC clips we curate from Jukin. The value and accessibility of UGC video can't be underrated—it helps us speak to our viewer on a human level and we love the raw accessibility it brings to our content."


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