Survey Finds Tech Pros Are Worried About Job Security, Income As COVID-19 Spreads

Survey Finds Tech Pros Are Worried About Job Security, Income As COVID-19 Spreads

An anonymous professional network has been leveraging its 3.2 million users — all verified via their work emails — to ask questions about job security, income issues, and working from home, amid the spread of COVID-19 through 46 states, per the most recent data available Friday.

The survey, conducted by Blind, from March 9 through March 11, received 7,000 responses to questions about concerns about job security due to economic trends as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and whether there is concern about total income being negatively affected by COVID-19. Blind's users primarily occupy the tech space, with 60,000 of its professionals employees at Amazon, others on the platform work in finance and telecom.

Here are the key takeaways from the March 9 through March 11 survey:

  • Nearly 54% of professionals are concerned about their job security
  • More than half of tech and finance professionals are worried about job security, with employees at Expedia, Uber, Cisco and Intel, among the companies where employees are most concerned about their job security
  • More than 62% of professionals think their total income will be negatively affected by COVID-19, with employees at Cisco, Uber, Facebook and Expedia most concerned
  • More than 67% of Google employees fear their total income will be adversely affected

Here's a snapshot of survey results related to questions about working from home, taken March 1 through March 4:

  • More than 76% of Amazon's employees are working from home, according to data from the survey taken by 5,942 professionals.
  • Only 30% of Google employees were working from home at the same time, and they were not happy about it.
  • On March 1, nearly 68% of the professionals surveyed were hesitant to go to work. That number rose to more than 76% by March 4.
  • The fear has started to impact productivity with numbers of those who feel that's the case rising from 36% on March 1 to more than 47% on March 4.
In a separate, earlier survey, involving 7,311 participants taken between Feb. 1 through Feb. 25, the company found that 20% of Chinese citizens, Chinese-Americans and other east Asians said they witnessed a backlash toward employees of Chinese descent at their company.


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